Herb and Spice Tea Recipes For Your
Health, Vitality & Well-being

This collection of homemade herb and spice tea recipes only use common herbs and spices you'll find in any well stocked cupboard or growing in any decent herb garden. They are very easy-to-make, have bags of taste and flavour and each one comes with many unique health and well-being benefits!

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Collection of Herb and Spiced Tea Recipes

Healthy Turmeric Drink

Clove Tea

Cinnamon Recipe

Recipe For Mint Tea

Sage Herb Tea

Oregano Drink

Ginger Infusion

Fresh Parsley Tea

Basil Beverage

Thyme Herb Infusion

Rosemary Tea

Chai Masala Mix

Fennel Seed Drink

Fenugreek Seed

Cardamom Drink

Simple Ginger Drink

Ginger & Cinnamon

Fennel Tea

Herbs and Spices and Their Uses

The health, well-being and vitality you get from spices and herbs has long been known about. For thousands of years, and still to this very day, numerous cultures and civilisations have been using them for their benefits.

picture of mint teas made with fresh and dried mint leaves

And in traditional medicine; one of the favourite ways of getting the most out of them is to make a tea or infusion from them.

New research is continually turning up uses for herbs and spices.

Including potential treatments and preventative properties for conditions ranging from colds and sore throats to alzheimers and cancer!

But don't think you have to be ill to get the most out of these drinks, it's well worth your time drinking a range of the above just because they are so darn tasty!

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Homemade Herbal
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