How to Grow Herbs - A Collection of
Guides to Growing Herbs

The links below show you how to grow herbs in easy, step-by-step guides. This is something anyone can do! Admittedly some are harder than others, but with a bit of tender loving care and patience it's definitely worthwhile.

There are a lot of advantages to growing herbs and spices yourself, not least, a year round supply of fresh, tender, delicious leaves and seeds for numerous uses in your cooking. Click the Image Links for your favourites...

Growing Herb Garden Plants

Growing Cilantro

Parsley Herb

How to Grow Basil

Tropical Ginger Root

Oregano Tips

Grow Rosemary

Fennel Herb

How to Grow Dill

Thyme Tips

Sage Plants

How to Grow Chives

Mint Herb

Magical Herb Gardening!

There's something magical about about sowing that seed and nuturing it whilst it sprouts and grows until harvesting for your recipes.

Another reason for cultivating herb garden plants is for the many health benefits they bring. The freshly picked leaves and stems will have much more vitamins, minerals and nutrients than the cellophane wrapped "fresh herbs" you find in stores!

Who knows how long ago they were picked and how much pesticides and chemicals were used on them?

Saving money is another good reason to consider herb gardening, whilst some are annuals, meaning you have to plant anew every year, others like rosemary, fennel and thyme are perennial herbs meaning you plant them once and you can harvest them year after year.

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