A Collection of Your Favourite Seasoning Recipes For Everyday Home Cooking

Freshness is the key when cooking with spices and herbs, and these homemade seasoning recipes are just the thing if you value adding a clean, natural taste to all your cooking. The recipes below are made with a combination of ground powders, dried herbs and lightly toasted whole spices that anyone can make in just minutes!

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Homemade Seasoning Mix Recipes

Getting the Most Out of Your Seasoning Recipes

To get the best out of the recipes above, I recommend using whole spices where you can, and lightly toasting them to release the flavours, aromas and essential oils.

This is really simple to do, and highly recommended! Click here for "step-by-step" tips and photos on grinding and toasting.

Why You Should Make Your Own...

At the cheaper end of the market, commercial blends tend to use cheaper ingredients as filler, this generally means salt and/or chili powder, and even husks to bulk up the amounts.

But with your own homemade blends, you are in control! Don't like a certain spice? Leave it out. Like your blends hot or spicier? Add more cayenne or chili powder. On a low sodium diet? Reduce the salt etc. You get the picture.

And homemade seasonings don't contain additives, preservatives or artificial colourings and flavours!

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