Hungarian Paprika - With Eight Varieties, What's Your Favourite?

Hungarian paprika is made by grinding the dried pods of the pepper plant (capsicum annum). It was originally brought to Europe by the Spanish, after the voyages of Christopher Columbus around the Gulf of Mexico.

In the 16th century the Turks introduced it into Hungary, where it was originally used just as a decorative plant. Today it is so popular in Hungary they even have a paprika museum and yearly paprika festival to celebrate the spice!

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All You Need to Know About Paprika Pepper

Hot Hungarian

Paprika Pepper

Smoked Paprika

General Info

Paprika Potato Recipe

Cooking Uses For Paprika Pepper

It's the culinary uses that the dried peppers are valued for, and numerous dishes like Hungarian goulash, many potato dishes and tandoori chicken to chorizo sausage, stews and soups. It's also an important ingredient in certain mixes and blends.

There are actually eight varieties of Hungarian paprika and these are all rigorously classified in various categories that range from mild to fiery hot and sweet to savoury. So there is plenty of choice.

It's worth trying to get the authentic spice which has been slow dried over an oak fire. The aromas, flavours and colours compared to the cheaper commercial powder are something to cherish.

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