Thyme Herb - Popular, Tasty, Aromatic
and Very Easy to Grow!

Mainly native to the warmer parts of Europe and North Africa, the flavour packed thyme herb can also be found growing in Greenland and Asia.

It belongs to the mint family and there are numerous varieties which are used to enhance the flavour of dishes throughout the world. See the bottom of the page or click on the Thumbnail Images for more info on this flavoursome, healthy herb...

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More Info on the Fragrant Thyme Herb

The most common type sold, dried and fresh, is common thyme. Another popular variety is lemon thyme which, with its lemony flavour and aroma, makes it particularly lovely with fish. There are actually more than 350 varieties. and other notables include: wild, German, and Spanish thyme.

As a perennial shrub, it grows very well in hot climates, in poor but well-drained soil, and is a popular plant in many gardens because it tolerates drought very well and doesn't need much looking after.

picture of thyme

Like a lot of herbs it's not just your food that benefits from its use, there are also many health and therapeutic properties.

One popular way of enjoying its effects is by using the popular thyme oil or drinking an infusion of the fresh or dried leaves, which you can read about above.

It's thanks to the Romans for spreading the herb throughout much of Europe. And it was often used by the ancient Greeks in their temple rituals, whilst the ancient Egyptians used it for embalming.

In medieval times, it was used as incense and given to knights departing on quests as it was believed to instil courage.

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