How To Grow Ginger Plants - Easier
Than You May Think!

For many people, knowing how to grow ginger may seem challenging, and as it's a tropical plant it can be quite difficult to get a decent crop. The plant itself is quite simple to grow, but to get a decent harvest of fresh ginger root can be slightly more difficult.

Unless you live in the tropics, it's best to grow this plant in pots so you can bring indoors if it gets too cold.

How to Grow Ginger Plants - Tips and Advice

picture of ginger root

You really need constant minimum temperatures of 25-30°C. If you have a heated greenhouse you may get better results.

But since it's pretty and can be used in so many wonderful ways, why not have a go?

If it doesn't quite work out, the ginger plant is very attractive at least and makes a nice addition to the flowerbed. Read more about the plant itself.

To get started, there are a few basic rules...

... As it's a tropical plant it needs shelter from direct sunlight, warm weather, humidity and moist, rich soil. A greenhouse or conservatory are ideals places to grow the plant.

You can get started growing ginger by buying some store-bought root.

Look for roots that look fresh and unwrinkled and look for growth buds, which look like little eyes sticking out of the root.

  • Choose a sheltered spot that gets plenty of light, but out of direct sunlight. (The best time to plant is spring)
  • Break the root up into little pieces about 2 inches (5cms) long, each one with a small growing bud
  • Place your ginger root in a hole five to ten centimetres deep in a pot and make sure the soil is rich, warm and moist
  • Make sure the growing bud is facing up and ensure that the pot drains well
  • Once it starts to grow, feed every month or so with a general plant feed
  • In late summer/early fall the plant will die back so reduce the watering and let the pots dry out. This will help the plants form rhizomes
  • At the end of autumn/fall lift the rhizomes and use

Note: If this is a new plant then you can eat the young roots, or let it grow for another year and you'll get a tastier, more mature harvest. Click here to return to the main how to grow herbs page.

Now you know how to grow ginger, you can have a healthy supply of this tasty, wonderful spice and get to appreciate the many uses all year long!

How to Use it...

You can of course use it fresh in your home cooking, or, one of my favourite ways of using the roots is to make a healthy drink with them. Click here for my fresh ginger tea recipe.

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