The Many Well-being and Health Benefits
of Turmeric and Curcumin

For centuries, this bright yellow spice has been a staple in kitchens across South Asia. And because of the many health benefits of turmeric, it has also been a staple for practitioners of ancient Ayurvedic medicine for more than two thousand years.

This relative of ginger root is flavourful, colourful, and has become a key ingredient in Indian curries and samosas, and it’s even used to give a lovely colour to Indian cakes and desserts.

The Active Ingredient Curcumin

picture of turmeric root

The active ingredient in the spice is curcumin, and it has many anti-inflammatory properties...

...making it a useful treatment for everything from arthritis to Alzheimer’s disease.

The curcumin in turmeric acts as a natural antibacterial agent, cutting down on your risk of food poisoning.

It can also be used to help clean minor cuts and burns, and to aid in the treatment of psoriasis. For external use, turmeric oil is particularly useful. Read more on its essential oil.

Turmeric Benefits in Traditional and Modern Medicine

  • The ancient Chinese used it as a treatment for depression
  • Ayurvedic medicine has long used it to help detoxify the liver
  • It has natural anti-inflammatory properties which make it a good choice for managing pain, particularly for anyone who suffers from arthritis
  • One popular health use is in helping to metabolize the body’s fat stores. This makes it a good tool in the fight against obesity
  • It has long been shown to boost the impact of some specific chemotherapy drugs, while at the same time mitigating some of the drugs' more unpleasant side effects
  • New research is now looking into the many possible health benefits of turmeric when it comes to stopping the growth of cancer cells
  • Studies in mice have shown that this spice may help prevent the spread of breast cancer
  • It may also be beneficial in helping stop melanoma and some forms of leukaemia

Current Studies...

...Are now looking at the health benefits of turmeric for Alzheimer’s patients. Early results have shown promise in removing some of the plaque build-up in the brain that exacerbates symptoms of Alzheimer’s.

It is also showing promise in several new studies on halting the progression of multiple sclerosis.

Getting More in Your Daily Diet

If you can get hold of it, the best way to enjoy the many health benefits of turmeric is to consume it fresh and add it to your food, where you can enjoy both the flavour and pleasant effects on the body.

picture of fresh turmeric

However, if you live in the West, you will probably use it in powder form and add it to your recipes or use it in homemade blends.

You can even make a potent tea with the powder. Click for my recipe.

A word of caution, however...

...turmeric supplements should not be taken by pregnant or breastfeeding women, anyone with gallbladder problems, or anyone about to have surgery or who has recently undergone surgery. Read more on turmeric side effects.

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