The Fabulous Vitality, Well-being and
Health Benefits of Ginger

Current ongoing studies and research into the health benefits of ginger are turning up new and exciting medicinal discoveries all the time! And I think we can safely call this a super spice!

We know that, as well as making our food taste delicious, herbs and spices have tons of health and medicinal benefits...

Ginger Benefits in a Nutshell

picture of ginger root

...And, out of all the spices and herbs I've researched, it appears this one is definitely one of the most beneficial.

I'd go as far as to say only turmeric comes anywhere close!

These ginger health benefits have been common knowledge for centuries,

Many cultures have used it fresh or dried for a wide range of traditional medicinal purposes.

Just Some of the Health Benefits of Ginger...

  • It may be useful in preventing motion sickness. Far Eastern sailors have used it for years to prevent sea sickness
  • Contains antimicrobial properties that can fight germs
  • Chinese doctors prescribe ginger root tea with brown sugar to ease menstrual pain
  • The tea, ale and beer can settle an upset stomach
  • Zingerone, an active compound, has been found to be effective against infant diarrhoea in developing countries
  • It's also nutritious; high in potassium, manganese, iron, zinc and beta-carotene
  • It also contains high amounts of vitamins A, C, E and B-complex
  • Contains natural chemicals that may help thin your blood thereby lowering cholesterol levels 
  • A nice side benefit to improving the body’s blood flow is that ginger spice can restore your youthful, healthy complexion, and even may make your hair thicker and more lustrous
  • Harvested from the roots of the ginger plant, this spice is even gentle enough for pregnant women to use. Read more about the plant itself.

Interesting side note...

One of my favourite shows is the US TV series "Mythbusters", and they tested ginger pills on sea and motion sickness which proved their validity.

Ways to Enjoy The Health Benefits of Ginger...

...You can use fresh or ground root in your recipes. Though fresh is definitely better, the ground stuff does have many assets.

My favourite way of getting more of it, and a favourite of traditional medicine, is to make a cup of tea from the root. Click for my recipe.

If you use a lot of the powder in your home cooking, then adding it to homemade blends and mixes is another great way of getting more in your diet.

Note: A good, but not necessarily easy, way of having a continual supply of the root is to grow it yourself. Read more on my growing tips.

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