The Many Well-being and Health
Benefits of Parsley Herb

We don't really pay much attention to the many well-being and health benefits of parsley. Like a lot of herbs (and spices) we know that they're tasty, and can enliven the most boring food. But often we don't take much notice of their well-being and health properties.

In fact, most of us take the parsley plant for granted, but that little green sprig beside your lunchtime pasta is deceiving...

The Health Benefits of Parsley

flat leaf parsley picture

...It turns out that piece of curly leaf parsley (or flat leaf) may just be one of the best herbs for your health and well-being!

There was even a time when men would rub crushed leaves onto their bald spot, in order to encourage hair growth. But...

...By the way, this is one area where the health benefits of parsley are not proven. Unfortunately!

But current ongoing studies are finding proven uses for this often overlooked herb.

One that may surprise; this herb contains more vitamin C than most citrus plants, almost three times more than in your average orange! Read more about the plant.

Other Benefits Include...

  • It's used to help fight anaemia, to aid digestion, to balance hormonal levels and to boost the immune system
  • A poultice of crushed leaves can soothe itchy insect bites
  • This herb has high levels of vitamin B12, folate, calcium and chlorophyll
  • It contains beta carotene which works to protect the organs and your body’s immune system
  • The chlorophyll level helps to inhibit bacteria, suppress viruses and helps relieve congestion
  • The iron content is also great for women’s health, with just one tablespoon of the dried herb providing about ten per cent of your daily iron requirement
  • Also a good source of alpha-linoleic acid, which is a key fatty acid that most people don’t get enough of in their daily diets
  • Parsley oil, which is extracted from the leaves, has been found to help inhibit tumour formation in some animal studies

Some Traditional Uses of Parsley

For centuries, before the invention of mouthwash and toothpaste, it has been chewed to help freshen the breath and give a clean mouth feeling.

picture of curly leaf parsley

The Chinese knew all about parsley benefits, and traditional Chinese medics still make a tea out of the fresh leaves to help regulate high blood pressure.

I often make this drink just for the vitamin and minerals it contains.

Click here for my homemade parsley tea recipe.

Of course if you're planning on using it, whether for cooking or medicinal reasons, using the freshest stuff you can is best. Therefore growing it may be a good idea.
Read more on growing parsley.

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