Want to Know How to Grow Cilantro?
Here's How...

Knowing how to grow cilantro and you can have the freshest, tastiest leaves and seeds from early spring to late autumn. 

If you do grow herbs then you'll appreciate the difference in the freshness of taste between fresh and dried herbs.

If you live somewhere with a mild, sunny climate, the cilantro herb is fairly easy to grow

Plus, as it's both a herb and spice, you get both the leaves and seeds all on one plant. Click here for more info about this herb.

Because of its quick growing time, it quickly goes to seed so it's a good idea to make repeated sowings every 4-5 weeks for a continual fresh supply.

For easy harvesting, I plant mine outside my kitchen door on the patio.

How to Grow Cilantro Tips and Guide

In a sunny sheltered spot, you can sow the seeds straight into the ground in spring, or sow in large pots or containers.

  • After the risk of frost has passed, in well-draining soil, prepare some shallow drills 12 inches apart
  • Thinly sow the seeds a few inches apart straight into the soil
  • Cover lightly with compost or fine soil and water. And in a week to ten days you should start to see seedlings appear
  • Thin these seedlings to 2-3 apart inches if you want the leaves and 9 inches if you want the seeds

How to Grow Cilantro For The Leaves:

  • If you're growing for the leaves, when the plants are about 4-5 inches tall you can start to harvest. Start by cutting the outside leaves first letting the inner ones mature
  • You'll probably get 3-4 harvests before the cilantro plant starts bolting to seed

Growing Cilantro For The Seeds:

  • If want to harvest the seeds, let them bolt and let the seed heads dry out a bit on the plant
  • Cut the stalks low down on the plant and gather together 5-6 seed heads
  • Cover these seed heads with a paper bag and seal with an elastic band before hanging upside down in a warm, dry airy place
  • After 7-10 days the seeds should drop off, give them a quick shake if necessary. Store these seeds in an airtight jar

Uses For Cilantro Herb:

Added at the end of cooking, I find the young fresh leaves indispensable when making curries, soups or stews and the ground seeds are essential for my spice blends and mixes.

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