The Cumin Health Benefits - Not Just a Tasty Addition to Your Home Cooking!

Since the olden times, well since at least 4000 years ago, cumin health benefits have been well known. Like a lot of spices used in ancient times, most were used for health reasons and in medicines before they were used for adding flavour to cooking.

And the early history of cumin was no different. For info on this, click here to read more about the history.

The Many Cumin Health Benefits

picture of cumin seeds

Today we mainly use the whole and ground seeds for cooking and for making numerous  powders and blends.

However you choose to use it, the health and medicinal properties are still to be valued.

Read More on the spice itself.

Health Benefits of Cumin Tea...

In South Asia, they boil the seeds in hot water to make tea, which can, apparently, be used to distinguish false labour from the real thing.

The Sri Lankans also make a type of tea for  stomach and digestive problems...

...This tea is made with the antioxidant rich seeds boiled in water. A squeeze of lemon juice and cilantro leaves are added to make a traditional remedy for colds, coughs and which helps to soothe sore throats.

Note: There are two main types of seeds...

I mainly use the white variety (Cuminum cyminum) for my blends and recipes, but sometimes I'll use the less common black cumin (Bunium persicum) in my cooking. This black variety will have its own unique therapeutic effects as well as adding huge flavour to your food! Read more on this type.

 Cumin Health Benefits

  • Being a rich source of iron, it is therefore a good supplement in keeping your blood healthy. Iron is important and helps in the prevention of anaemia
  • It's also used to stimulate the appetite
  • Commonly used for easing gas, diarrhoea and other stomach disorders
  • Recent studies have shown that the seeds may be useful in slowing the growth of some cancer cells due to their anti-carcinogenic properties
  • In traditional medicine, this spice combined with a ripe banana is said to be an effective cure for insomnia
  • Due to the seeds' antioxidant properties,  it's excellent for a healthy immune system and heightening the body's immunities
  • You can also grind the seeds to make a paste and use it externally on boils and sores

So, to sum up, you can't really go wrong with this spice! Not only does the cumin plant and its seeds add great taste and flavour to your food,  the cumin health benefits make this a very valuable spice indeed. 

Why Not Grow Some?...

If you live in a mild climate, and  you're interested in growing the plants yourself, you can read more about the plant and some growing cumin tips here.

Note: For health and taste reasons, one thing I definitely recommend is to buy (or grow) whole cumin seeds and use them as they are in your cooking or grind them yourself rather than buying the pre-ground powder.

The flavours and aromas they add are far superior to the prepared store-bought stuff!

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