The Well-being and Health Benefits
of Cinnamon Oil

Cinnamon oil is extracted from the inner bark or the leaves of the cinnamon tree by steam and has many uses in aromatherapy and in natural medicine. There are other ways of extracting it, but steaming seems to be the most popular.

Important Note: this is powerful stuff and it should never be taken internally. Also cinnamon oil should not be used by pregnant women. Please seek advice before using.

Uses of Cinnamon

Recommended ways of using...

...add a drop or two to the water in a diffuser and breathe in its rich aroma, or blend with water and use a spray bottle to freshen a room and inhale its scent.

Immediately, you’ll notice the effect on your state of mind.

This effect on the mind and you can see why it’s commonly used in aromatherapy to reduce stress, improve memory and increase alertness and attention.

Medicinal Uses of Oil of Cinnamon Include...

  • It can help thin the blood and improve circulation
  • It has anti-inflammatory properties, and is often recommended for patients suffering from osteoarthritis
  • The same properties make it a good choice to help ease muscle aches and pains that can come from colds or flu
  • It can also help clear up your lungs, your sinuses and sore throat at the same time
  • Cinnamon is commonly used to help ease stomach complaints such as nausea, indigestion and diarrhoea
  • There is strong evidence that, in increasing blood flow, it can be a natural aphrodisiac
  • Sprinkle a few drops around your garden before your next party and you’ll find it also does a wonderful job of keeping those pesky insects away

It can be important to know whether your cinnamon oil was distilled from leaves or from bark, as the active ingredients are different in each case.

Oil distilled from leaves is slightly weaker, having less cinnamaldehyde, and can be used on the skin in small, diluted amounts.

Made directly from the bark, it can contain up to 50 per cent cinnamaldehyde, and should not be used on the skin as it is a strong irritant.

General Cinnamon Health Benefits and Culinary Uses

Throughout history, this has been a truly valued spice, whether by an ancient ruler who thought it would cleanse his soul, or by a modern day mom sprinkling a little with love onto the morning toast.

There is now research going on looking at its many potential uses in preventing and fighting the spread of certain kinds of cancer, including colon cancer.

Whilst you need to be very careful using cinnamon essential oil, the actual ground powder has a whole range of health and therapeutic uses. Read more on these.

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