The Many Health Benefits Of Basil Herb
& Its Essential Oil

Aside from its delicate and flavourful appeal and use in the kitchen, there are plenty of other benefits of basil! There have been many medical studies into this herb, particularly the value of its essential oils.

For years its oils, infusions and extracts have been prized for their antioxidant and antibacterials. And the extracted oil can be used to ease fever, calm coughs, and soothe a sore throat.

Picture of basil leaves

This oil is also packed with eugenol, which gives it a strong anti-inflammatory effect.

This explains why it has been used in many cultures to ease the pain of inflammatory conditions, such as arthritis.

Orientin and vicenin are both plentiful in this popular herb; both help protect chromosomes and cells from the damage caused by oxygen and radiation

Research into this plants healing properties has found that orientin and vicenin have a strong beneficial effect on protecting cell structure.

These all help the human body regulate cholesterol levels and relax blood vessels.

More Well Being & Health Benefits of Basil Herb

  • Basil oil has also been proven to help curb the growth of some particularly nasty bacteria, including staphylococcus and e. coli
  • Holy basil has been shown to contain certain phytochemicals that can help relieve asthma
  • It's packed with flavonoids, which help protect human cells from damage
  • Also highly rich in beneficial nutrients, it has plenty of the anti-oxidant vitamins A and C, magnesium, iron, calcium and potassium

Cooking Benefits of Basil Plants...

We mustn't forget the varied and tasty benefits and uses in your cooking.

Just throwing a few fresh leaves into a tomato sauce or pizza topping, ripping up Thai Basil leaves to add to a salad...

...Or just adding some chopped sweet basil leaves to a vinaigrette or olive oil not only gives great flavour, but also provides a wide range of health benefits.

Using this herb in any of its forms, be it fresh, dried or the oil, can do much to strengthen health and help your body fight off the damage caused by everyday living.

One of my favourite ways of enjoying its many benefits, is to make a cup of tea with the leaves. Tasty, quick and super healthy!

If you really want the healthiest herbs, then growing them is recommended. This herb is fairly easy to cultivate, see how to grow it for step-by-step tips.

One of my favourite ways of enjoying more of the healthy basil herb is by making a drink or infusion with the chopped leaves. You can get the recipe in my herbal tea book that you can download and start using immediately. Comes complete with 4 bonuses. Click for more information.

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