The Benefits and Well-Being Uses of
Basil Essential Oils

Countries throughout North Africa and Europe are the major producers of basil essential oils which are sold around the globe for health and well-being uses.

By gently steaming the entire plant, including both the leaves and the flowers, the oil can then be extracted.

Health Benefits of Basil Essential Oils

Picture of fresh basil and basil oil

The extracted basil oil is watery in texture, and has a spring-like pale greenish-yellow colour with a gentle, crisp and slightly peppery aroma...

... And is packed with many beneficial chemical compounds; eugenol, camphor, citronellol and cinnamante to name just a few.

And it's these chemical compounds that give the various varieties, Thai basil herb and sweet basil herb for example, their distinctive aromas and also their many therapeutic and healing properties. Other types will have different chemical make ups.

Some Health Benefits of Basil Essential Oils Include...

  • The sweet scent strengthens the adrenal cortex and a few drops can help soothe mental fatigue and bring back clarity and concentration
  • It's often used in aromatherapy to treat headaches
  • It can be used to treat any number of nervous disorders
  • A steaming hot bath infused with oil can help relieve the pain of arthritis, muscle cramps or menstrual pain
  • The vapour can open up airways, soothing sinus infections, asthma, and bronchitis
  • A tea made with a drop or two can relieve constipation and nausea
  • Used externally, it can also be beneficial to the skin, helping clear up acne and refresh the complexion

It can often be blended with other essential oils for specific purposes, and it blends well with peppermint, lavender and eucalyptus.

Note: It's recommended that children under 16 and pregnant women should not use it.

Other Uses For Basil Plants

But it's not only the basil essential oils that are healthy, the leaves, stems and seeds also have nutritional benefits as well as adding massive flavours to your home cooking.

And a good way of having a continual supply is to grow it yourself.

It's not too difficult to do, and a few plants will give you a fresh harvest from spring to fall.

See the growing basil plants page for detailed step-by-step tips and advice.

If you don't have any oil, a particularly good, and cheap, way of enjoying the basil health benefits is to use the chopped leaves to brew a cup of tea. A quick, tasty and very healthy drink. For more tea recipes, click the ad below.

Other Herb Essential Oils You May Enjoy

  • Oregano - Has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic qualities
  • Clove - Has antiseptic properties and is great for toothache!
  • Thyme - Good for calming the nerves and boosting the immune system

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