White Sage - Decorative, Easy-to-Grow With Many Health and Well-being Uses

While Native tribes have used California white sage (salvia apiana) for centuries in their purification rituals...

...It's only recently that modern science is now catching up with just how beneficial this aromatic herb is! 

Medicinal Uses for California White

Recent studies at the University of Arizona have shown that California sage has...

  • Strong antibacterial properties that can be used to fight a number of infections
  • The white leaves are rich in cineole, which is an essential oil related to the eucalyptus
  • It can be used as an antiseptic, and it has anti-inflammatory and pain reducing properties
  • It can help relieve sinus congestion and mucus in the lungs
  • And it can increase blood flow
  • If you have a cold, try making tea from the leaves, or inhale the scent from burning its leaves
  • The essential oil can also make a good headache remedy, when rubbed on the temples and chest
  • Drinking cold tea made from the white leaves can also help ease any stomach or digestive complaints
  • And warm tea can ease sore throat
  • A few dried leaves burned as incense can go a long way in clearing the air, both for your body and your spirit!

Note: California sage tea is not recommended however for nursing mothers as it can decrease lactation.

So, whether you call it California, white sage or sacred sage, this lovely light perennial is a great addition to your garden and to your medicine cabinet. 

If you're interested in growing some, click here for some tips.

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